A Solution For Protecting Your Privacy Online

Protecting users privacy on the Web is becoming increasingly complicated because of the silent actions of third party sites that spy, collect data, aggregate information and build profiles, transparently to end users, to provide targeted advertising. On the Web, users are loudly concerned about the large amount of information left in many locations during their navigation and claim more protection to safely conduct their online activities.

NoTrace is a Firefox extension that implements a supportive, comprehensive and improved approach for privacy protection to allow users to be aware of the risks of their navigation and to give them full control on effective actions to address online privacy threats.

NoTrace exhibits the following features:

Supportive privacy protection:

NoTrace provides support for (novice and expert) users, awareness about privacy loss and personalized recommendations to limit it.


NoTrace addresses several malicious activities by providing, all in one, opportune countermeasures, whereas each of them is singularly provided by other popular extensions in this field (that sometimes even fight each other). It also provides techniques to discover harmful activities through content-based filtering mechanisms and to limit the diffusion of personal identifiable information.


Detection of malicious objects and awareness about their privacy infringements. The tool is based on a detailed analysis and implementation of different privacy protection techniques to limit the diffusion of various bits of information to third party sites.

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