Here we mantain pointers of the most interesting projects that are developed (as part of their thesis) by some students of ISISLab.



  • BenderCatch (developed by Raffaele De Falco) is an Android App that detects if the user moves the device after a period of inactivity. If events (like missed calls, text messages or emails) happened during that inactivity time, the app can launch various notifications that don’t require the user to watch at the phone. The program can detect if the device is shaken too, and give the user a more precise feedback. Besides, now part of the project can be used as a standalone library to provide motion and shake detection in other projects.UPDATE (may 2012): over the time, interests in this project emerged from various custom-essays countries, including contacts from students in Indonesia and Pakistan. The compiled application on SourceForge had over 100 downloads, the SVN repository has weekly accesses for code browsing and downloading.