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VennFS2 offers to users an adaptive interface toward access to files.
VennFS2 overcomes some of limitations of hierarchical file systems, since it allows users to categorize files in such a way that files may belong multiple categories at once.
VennFS2 helps adaptively the user in navigating the file system. Based on the past history of the files that were opened and modified by the user, the interface graphically presents the user a small number of choices that are most probably useful for the user as next step.
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  VennFS2 Beta Version !
  AVI2004 Poster
  Skinny user's guide
  A VennFS presentation (italian)
  VennFS support
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  Rosario De Chiara
  Ugo Erra
  Vittorio Scarano
  Università degli Studi di Salerno
20040622 - We are on nooface.org
20040524 - On May 25-28 2004 we are at AVI 2004
20040520 - VennFS2 is availabel for download. Major fixes.
20031225 - VennFS2 coming soon !!
20030909 - Working on new version
20030908 - Snapshots added
20030408 - Fixed minor bugs. First document online (italian version)
20030331 - A setup bug discovered. Fixing it up [RDC]