PaestumGate - Interactive Virtual Reconstruction of Paestum Archaeological Site


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The PaestumGate video [HERE]

The goal we had to pursue was to build an Educational 3D Virtual Environment that would allow to provide a different experience to the young tourist who approaches the Poseidonia-Paestum site. The intended experience for users is different from the passive one provided by traditional DVD/VHS media, more immersive, cooperative and able to convey the .appeal. of a videogame. On the other hand we did not want to oversimplify the value of the architectural monuments yet visible in the site, in particular an important issue was to emphasize how different civilizations occupied the site through the centuries. PaestumGate represents a virtual environment that presents the reconstruction of the town of Poseidonia- Paestum with the following characteristics:


Contacts: Rosario De Chiara, Ugo Erra, Vittorio Scarano

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