Proximity3D::Proximity3DPlugIn< Super > Class Template Reference

This plugIn provides a spactial DB based on m_CommonRes's grid. More...

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BehaveRT::SimEnginePlugIn BehaveRT::AbstractSimEnginePlugIn

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Public Member Functions

 Proximity3DPlugIn ()
 XXX install/unistall plugin shoulde be automatic.
const std::string name ()
const DependenciesList plugInDependencies ()
void reset ()
void update (const float elapsedTime)
void computeNeighborhoods ()
 Runs the neighbors searchig.

Detailed Description

template<class Super>
class Proximity3D::Proximity3DPlugIn< Super >

This plugIn provides a spactial DB based on m_CommonRes's grid.

When an other plugIn extends this one, it inheritates the features contained in Proximity3DFields and parameters in Proximity3DParams

Member Function Documentation

template<class Super >
const std::string Proximity3D::Proximity3DPlugIn< Super >::name (  )  [inline, virtual]

PlugIn name. Example:

                        const std::string  name() 
                                return "PlugInCustomizedName"; 

Implements BehaveRT::AbstractSimEnginePlugIn.

template<class Super >
const DependenciesList Proximity3D::Proximity3DPlugIn< Super >::plugInDependencies (  )  [inline, virtual]

List of dependecies (This will be removed) Example:

                        DependenciesList plugInDependencies()
                                DependenciesList dependencies;
                                dependencies.push_back("EnvGrid3DPlugIn");      // First dependency
                                dependencies.push_back("ProximityDBPlugIn"); // Second dependency
                                // Put here other dependecies
                                return dependencies;

Implements BehaveRT::AbstractSimEnginePlugIn.

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