EnvGrid3D::EnvGrid3DPlugIn< Super > Class Template Reference

This plugIn provides a spactial DB based on m_CommonRes's grid. More...

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BehaveRT::SimEnginePlugIn BehaveRT::AbstractSimEnginePlugIn

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Public Member Functions

 EnvGrid3DPlugIn ()
 XXX install/unistall plugin shoulde be automatic.
const std::string name ()
const DependenciesList plugInDependencies ()
void reset ()
void update (const float elapsedTime)
void addToFeaturesToReorder (InstallableEntity *entity, const type_info *type)
void reorderSimData ()
 Reorder the feature added to the specific list.
< float4 > * 
getPos ()
 Returns the position feature.
float3 getWorldCenter ()
 Calculate worldCenter based on worldOrigin and worldRadius.

Protected Member Functions

void setWorldCenter (float3 worldCenter)
 Setup worldOrigin based on worldCenter and worldRadius.

Detailed Description

template<class Super>
class EnvGrid3D::EnvGrid3DPlugIn< Super >

This plugIn provides a spactial DB based on m_CommonRes's grid.

When an other plugIn extends this one, it inheritates the features contained in EnvGrid3DFields and parameters in EnvGrid3DParams

Member Function Documentation

template<class Super >
void EnvGrid3DPlugIn::addToFeaturesToReorder ( InstallableEntity entity,
const type_info *  type 
) [inline]

When a feature is included to the list FeatureToReorder, at each frame, the it will be reordered based on the hash scheme

entity feature to reorder, such as, a DeviceArrayWrapper
type the type_info of the feature

template<class Super >
const std::string EnvGrid3D::EnvGrid3DPlugIn< Super >::name (  )  [inline, virtual]

PlugIn name. Example:

                        const std::string  name() 
                                return "PlugInCustomizedName"; 

Implements BehaveRT::AbstractSimEnginePlugIn.

template<class Super >
const DependenciesList EnvGrid3D::EnvGrid3DPlugIn< Super >::plugInDependencies (  )  [inline, virtual]

List of dependecies (This will be removed) Example:

                        DependenciesList plugInDependencies()
                                DependenciesList dependencies;
                                dependencies.push_back("EnvGrid3DPlugIn");      // First dependency
                                dependencies.push_back("ProximityDBPlugIn"); // Second dependency
                                // Put here other dependecies
                                return dependencies;

Implements BehaveRT::AbstractSimEnginePlugIn.

template<class Super >
void EnvGrid3DPlugIn::reorderSimData (  )  [inline]

Reorder the feature added to the specific list.

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