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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BehaveRT::AbstractSimEnginePlugInDefault SimEngine plugIn template
Body3DFieldsBody PlugIn features declaration
Body3DParamsBody PlugIn parameters list
Body::Body3DPlugIn< Super >This class provieds the extention base for a simulation based on rigid bodies
Building3D::Building3DPlugIn< Super >Allow environment interaction
BehaveRT::CommonResourcesThis class shares the GPU info througout the BehaveRT's classes
BehaveRT::ContentReplacerItearate plugIn names and sobstitutes their content
BehaveRT::DataInfoSingle element of the DeviceDataRepository, so-called "feature". They are shared between host and device
BehaveRT::debugTypeDeprecated data type
BehaveRT::DeviceArrayWrapper< Type >This class provides some utilities for host/device memory allocation
BehaveRT::DeviceDataWrapperGeneric feature data type. For futher extensions
BehaveRT::DeviceInfoThis struct contains the GPU information. Used to tune the application
BehaveRT::DeviceInterfaceInterface between c++ classes and CUDA kernels
Drawable3D::Drawable3DPlugIn< Super >Simulation rendering using OpenGL VBOs
BehaveRT::DummyPlugInDefault extension base for SimEngine chains
EnvGrid3DFieldsEnvGrid3D features list
EnvGrid3DParamsEnvGrid3D includes parameters regarding environment and grid subdivition of the space
EnvGrid3D::EnvGrid3DPlugIn< Super >This plugIn provides a spactial DB based on m_CommonRes's grid
FieldsBody PlugIn features declaration
BehaveRT::InstallableEntityBase class installable into the BehaveRT community
OpenSteerWrapper::OpenSteerWrapperPlugIn< Super >Wrapper between BehaveRT and OpenSteer library
ParamsBody PlugIn parameters list
PName::PlugIn< Super >Put here brief the description of the plugIn
BehaveRT::PlugInMakerPlugIn generation tool
Proximity3DFieldsProximity3D features declaration
Proximity3DParamsProximity3D parameters
Proximity3D::Proximity3DPlugIn< Super >This plugIn provides a spactial DB based on m_CommonRes's grid
SchoolingFieldsBody PlugIn features declaration
SchoolingParamsBody PlugIn parameters list
Schooling::SchoolingPlugIn< Super >Put here brief the description of the plugIn
Shapes3D::Shapes3DPlugIn< Super >This plugIn allow to create 2D images and 3D shapes using the simulated bodie
BehaveRT::SimEnginePlugInSimEngine plugIn concrete template
BehaveRT::SimEnginePlugInInstallationTokenRepresents the installable token associated to each plugIn
BehaveRT::SimParamsSimulation parameters shared between host and device
BehaveRT::StringConverterClass for converting the core Ogre data types to/from Strings
BehaveRT::StringUtilUtility class for manipulating Strings
BehaveRT::SupportedDataTypeDeprecated data type
Test3DFieldsBody PlugIn features declaration
Test3DParamsBody PlugIn parameters list
Test3D::Test3DPlugIn< Super >Put here brief the description of the plugIn
BehaveRT::UtilityConfigFileClass for quickly loading settings from a text file
BehaveRT::UtilityLoggerThis class provide a simple managment of a finite set of string, for logging purposes

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