A Cooperative Distance Learning and Teaching Enviroment

Teach++ is a cooperative environment, specialized for distance learning used for teaching programming languages. Teach++ realizes a virtual classroom, that allows a teacher and several students to have a highly interactive lesson on-line, collaborating at activities over shared resources (artifacts) by using a common browser enabled with a Java Virtual Machine. The system provides (among other features) a cooperative editor and a shared cooperative remote login (telnet) session.

For using Teach++ environment go to Handbook page.


Teach++ is designed according to client/server architecture (see System architecture) and completely coded using Java language. The client-side of the system is implemented by Java applets embedded in a multiframe HTML page, while the server-side of the sistem is a Java multithread application. Teach++ is accessed asking an HTTP server for the HTML page (where the Java applets are embedded) that provides graphical user-interface to operate in the workspace. Teach++ clients provide interactive user interfaces and collaborate in the distributed computation while Teach++ server manages sessions and information exchange among clients.

A token allows the user who owns it to impersonate the teacher and, therefore, load the lesson, showing the course material to the whole classroom and modifying shared resources. The user interface consist of a browser that visualizes three frames: the first contains ClientTeach applet, the second contains a chat communication channel, while the last one allows to broadcast slides and descriptive pages related to the current lesson.

M. Barra, G. Cattaneo,U. Ferraro Petrillo, V. Garofalo,C. Rossi and V. Scarano
Dipartimento di Informatica ed Applicazioni ``R.M. Capocelli''
Università di Salerno
84081 Baronissi (SA) -- Italy
e-mail: {marbar,vitsca}@dia.unisa.it