A Cooperative Distance Learning and Teaching Enviroment


Teach++ environment works on a server host. On the same machine, a Web server, distributes Teach++ resources to operate in the system. A HTML file generated by a cgi-bin script to access system and learning materials.

After Teach++ installation , when the server is running teach++ is ready to be accessed. The access consists in loading the Java applets embedded in a multiframe HTML page in a Java enabled browser. It makes a cgi- bin request to Web server that generates the page containing the ClientTeach e ClientChat applets to load the user interface. The Web-root mantains .class files of Teach++ client and contains a directory Lesson to store the lessons.

Preparing the lessons

Before using Teach++, for teaching, the teacher has to store the lesson in the directory accordly with the specified format. The HTML pages of the lesson are sored in Html subdirectory of the Web-root, the source codes are stored in Prog directory and the images(.GIF o .JPG) in Image. A lesson is available for this demo see select lesson section.

     ______Lesson _____Java1_______slide01.html






In the Lesson directory have to reside all the files .txt containing the URL of documents that compose the lesson. This file have to be called with the same name as the lessons.

The lessons have to be organized as follow using the .txt file to stored the paths of documents of each lesson:










If not all the files are present a void row is left at place of them.

These .txt files so created are then stored in the subdirectory TEACH/Lesson of the Web-root. Moreover for each lessons and hence for each .txt files, a subdirectory have to be created in /TEACH/Lesson with the same name of the lesson. These subdirectories contain the same files that compose a lesson, but these have to be empty, they are used to manage the creation of the lessons.

In the Html ,Prog and Image directories have to reside respectively all the HTML pages, the source files and image files that constitute the lesson.

For this demo the directory with a lesson is provided already.

M. Barra, G. Cattaneo,U. Ferraro Petrillo, V. Garofalo,C. Rossi and V. Scarano
Dipartimento di Informatica ed Applicazioni ``R.M. Capocelli''
Università di Salerno
84081 Baronissi (SA) -- Italy
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