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DAD was born with a precise objective: add to the actual bookmark management (consistent, for many browsers, in a simple organization in file and folders) further functionalities that allow to overcome main defects of such management and give to the user useful informations taken both from the experience of the other consumers and from the content of the pages themselves.

The whole system is managed through an application (MOM) developed so that every user can choose, for his/her navigation, the browser that prefers.

Such application consists in a bookmark manager that allows the users to share their own links in a peer-to-peer system through a sort of distributed filesystem, implemented so that every user can locally store the preferred bookmarks, but that in any moment can view the bookmarks stored by other users.

Moreover, a mechanism is added that allows to distinguish the pages with interesting content from those with secondary information, and that, at the same time, furnishes new link of probable interest obtained by an analysis of those already present in the system.

In particular, this mechanism is characterized by the assignment of a score to every bookmark, for facilitate the individualization of the most important links, and by the suggestion of new link on the base of those already visited and analyzed by the users, for offer new navigation hints.

Particularity of the system is the management of the communications that take place through a pure peer-to-peer net, that is a net without server and where every peer works as any other peer works.

It is possible to download binaries and sources of the last version of the application in the download section. Moreover it is possible to view a manual (in Italian) that explains in detail the functionalities of the application.