3WPS is built to be easily adapted to several fields of applications, shown in the figures. Here we briefly describe some applications.

Figure 1:
An example of the 3D representation of users on a Unix machine. Here rotation speed is the inverse of Idle time, size is CPU usage and icons are dependent on the users (they may be also the picture of the user).

Figure 2:
Monitoring processes by CPU and memory usage (size and rotation speed), type (icons) and user (grouping).

Figure 3:
On the left it is shown the representation of the directories as a set of houses, one for each category while on the left the user has navigated by the VRML browser inside one of the houses. Notice that the size of the houses is dependent on the number of items in the corresponding category.

Figure 4:
An example of a simple animation of a distributed algorithm to build a spanning tree over a set of 7 nodes. Rather than depict the image of the spanning tree, we chose to represent the message complexity of the running algorithm i.e. each edge corresponds to a message. This example is paradigmatic of an unconventional use of 3WPS that required little coding more on the client side to represent messages by edges.

Figure 5
Look at students at work clicking on movie: