CoFFEE (Cooperative Face2Face Educational Environment) (in italian)

CoFFEE is an open-source suite of applications that can easily be installed on any local network, be it a school’s computer lab or a corporate boardroom.

CoFFEE is complemented by pedagogical scenarii – customisable lesson plans that are written by the projects researchers. These scenarii offer a good starting point for teachers who want to start using CoFFEE. They include both files that teachers can plug into CoFFEE to run a lesson plan, as well as a written step-by-step lesson plan instructing the teacher on all the relevant aspects of running a CoFFEE supported classroom activity.

CoFFEE is a suite of applications designed to support cooperative learning in a face-2-face setting. The usage scenario mixes face-2-face communication and computer-mediated communication, where the latter occurs in a shared digital workspace, provided by CoFFEE, that can be accessed by all the learners simultaneously. The main CoFFEE tools are the Threaded Discussion Tool and the Graphical Discussion Tool. The Threaded Discussion Tool provides a space for synchronous debates structured in trees and categories (a tree for each category). The Graphical Discussion Tool provides a space for synchronous communication organized as a graph, with text box and links.

Currentely, a new project is going on to integrate CoFFEE tools into Jazz. The goal is enriching the Jazz team with a set of structured collaboration tools: in particular, integrating the Threaded Discussion Tool and Graphical Discussion Tool aims to support structured collaboration and to enhance cooperation within the team.